Last Friday morning, the chart below was sent to Premium and Sector Sentiment Extreme members, reflecting a set up that looked like “Silver could fall in price.”

This situation suggested that if investors were long physical Silver it was time to hedge those positions, if you wanted to score on defense it was a time to short Silver.


The above chart reflected the following situation in Silver ETF (SLV)….The rally had taken it back to the top of its channel line (1), which was prior stiff resistance, 74% of investors were bullish Silver and OBV (on-balance-Volume) was reflecting a series of lower highs, while SLV was flat (sign of selling pressure that price wasn’t reflecting yet).

The chart below was sent to Premium and Sector Sentiment Extreme members yesterday, updating what was taking place in Silver a week later.


This chart takes a longer-term view of SLV, reflecting two resistance lines had come into play at the same time, while SLV was at its 38% Fib retracement level, at the top of its channel.  At the same time bullish sentiment remains fairly high at 66% bulls.

We are using a trailing stop on SLV to protect the gains that have been created over the past 6 trading days.

The Sector Sentiment Extreme service is now 100 days old.  Many of you joined after viewing our first webinar. I appreciate all of you that joined at the beginning of this new service.  I strive to create value to our customers and I hope the results of the last 100 days does just that.

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