The Power of the Pattern reflected that a “Bullish Head & Shoulders” was taking place in Natural Gas in the chart below, first posted on 6/14/12 (see original post here) At the time it looked liked the Right Shoulder was forming (which was bullish) and only 26% of investors were bullish Natural Gas. 

At the time of the original posting,  NG was trading at $2.18.   At the time of this post, NG is trading above $3.60 …This reflects a 65% rally from the time of the NG posting.   Current NG quote click here.  


Below is a 6 month performance comparison, reflecting that NG not only did well over the past 6 months, it is the TOP performing asset in that time window.


The above chart reflects the “Power of a Combo!”  What does that mean?  Our Sector/Commodity Extreme Service looks for Combo plays….A combination of a positive pattern and sentiment readings at extremes.

The top chart reflected a bullish inverse head & shoulders was at hand and only 28% of investors liked NG & the pattern at the time.  The large gains in NG, up almost 65% since the June 14th posting, reflects what can happen when these combo’s form.

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