Many view Copper as a quality leading indicator for the global economy.  The weakness of late has Copper in the upper left giving a multi-year support line its biggest test in three years. Do we have a breakdown at hand and a macro message of slowness taking place???  Some would say yes.

Govt. Bond traders are very keen to global growth or lack of!  The yields on the 10-year and 30-year bonds are attempting to break support of bearish rising wedges.

A breakdown in yields would confirm the signal coming from Copper!

Who loves Government Bonds these days.  The sentiment chart (left inset) reflecting bond sentiment was shared with Sector/Commodity Sentiment Extreme members a couple of weeks ago.


The chart reflects the bond bullish sentiment levels are reaching levels seldom seen over the past 7 years!  I inverted yields in this chart, reflecting a breakout in price in both the 10-year & 30-year bonds.

Does Doc Copper and Govt bonds no something about the economy that the stock market (SPY) is not aware of?   Stay tuned, this could get interesting!

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