On April the 19th the Power of the pattern suggested that a “Turn around” was due and to buy Apple because of the Triple support below and very few investors were bullish at the time. (see Stocktwits post here)


In the 6 business days since the suggestion for a bounce in Apple, it is has made just 2% less in those 6 days than the S&P 500 has made this year!  At the time of the suggestion to buy Apple only 35% of investors on Stocktwits were bullish this stock.


The above updated chart reflects that Apple has bounce off the triple support and is now testing resistance line (2), that it has had trouble with since its all-time highs back in September of last year. The $30 rally in Apple has made a few more investors bullish, now 57% bulls, up from 35% 6 days ago.

A break of line (2) would be a big plus for this stock and the NDX 100!  If you’ve enjoyed the rally over the past 6 days, the least you would want to do is bring up the stops to protect gains.  Again, a break of line (2) that has been in place for the past 8 months would be a plus for Apple, would surprise many and odds are high would see more buyers step in!

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