The Power of the Pattern suggested on 9/1/2011, when gold was trading at $1,828, that Gold could trade flat to down for years to come! (see 9/2011 post here)


The top chart reflected that for 30-years, each time the Swiss Franc hit resistance line (1), gold traded flat to down for years, reflected by the red arrows in the bottom chart. As you can see by the comments received in that post, many investors said “No Way” that could happen.  Well……

Keep in mind this situation was taking place at the same time GLD became the largest ETF on the planet! (see GLD largest ETF/Eiffel tower pattern)





The S&P 500 ETF (SPY) became the largest ETF in the world back in 2000 after a 10-year rally, was that a good time to “Buy & Hold” SPY?  Buy & Hold didn’t work to well as 13-years later, SPY was at the same price point.  If you traded SPY with a simple 200-day moving average as your buy/sell trigger, you far outpaced buying and holding SPY!

Reformed Broker shared this chart to readers back in February (see post here)

GLD became the largest ETF on the planet in August of 2011, when Gold was trading at $1,900 per ounce, at its Fibonacci 261% extension level and at the top of its 10-year rising channel.  Not a bad time to hedge or harvest long Gold holdings!  Once GLD became the largest ETF on the planet, was that signal to start renting/trading gold versus buying & holding it?  So far renting has worked out better than owning.


Many said “NO WAY” could gold trade flat to down for years to come back at the highs of the summer of 2011.  I suspect many still say the same thing even now! The Power of the Pattern was suggesting to rent Gold back then and a break of support line (1) in the above chart would bring about selling pressure in Gold and continue to suggest the need to rent the metal versus own it for a while. 


I feel the needs to have a system to trade/rent gold are so important right now, we will be starting a new research report in the very near future to help short, medium and long-term investors in the metals complex.  We have levels established where the Power of the Pattern suggests to back the truck up and buy a large amount of gold!

If you’d would like to see our target we shared with members several weeks ago for Gold, send us an email to [email protected] and in the subject line put “Gold Target” or click on the box below and we will send you the chart that reflects a price point we feel buyers should step forward in Gold.



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