The Power of the Pattern highlighted in August of 2010, that a “Large Bullish Ascending Triangle” had formed in Silver and the pattern was about to end in the chart below and that a “Huge Move” was in store! (See bullish Ascending post here)

Result of this pattern….148% rally in 19 Months!


The Power of the Pattern reflected last June that a series of “Bullish Ascending Triangles” which lead to big time rallies in Silver had taken place and that a Bearish Descending Triangle” was forming (Descending Triangle post)

Result of this pattern….. Silver is Down 21% in 11 months!

Silver was trading at $28.66 at the time, on what many thought was support. The key to this situation was the “descending triangle pattern!  Today Silver is now trading 21% lower.

Below is an update on these “Ascending and Descending Triangles” in Silver…


I DO NOT believe the full impact of this Descending triangle has played out in Silver. The patterns reflect big opportunities lie ahead for Silver.

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