Do you believe in the ole concept of Buy Low & Sell High? The Power of the Pattern does!

In July the Power of the Pattern reflected to Premium and Sector members that Brazil could be making a “Double Bottom at the bottom of a 3-year falling channel support line and this pattern was suggesting to Buy Brazil /EWZ” with a fixed stop below support. (here)

The above chart was shared with members and on Stocktwits (see here), reflecting that the patterns looked very favorable for Brazil, as a bullish inverse head & shoulders pattern looked to be in place and the neckline was breaking to the upside.


The above chart compares EWZ to SPY, after EWZ hit the bottom of the 3-yea falling channel in the first chart (top left). The Power of the Pattern looks for good risk/reward entry points and can in provide positive relative strength returns. This chart reflects that EWZ has made in 2 months, close to what the S&P 500 has the entire year!

If you, your portfolio or family could benefit from receiving research like the above, that was shared with members a couple of months ago I would be honored to have you as a member. If you would like research each day, our Premium Program might be for you. If you would like these ideas shared with you weekly, our “Triple Play” program might be a fit, that passes along 50% discounts for purchasing multiple research reports.

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