If one has invested in the Thompson Reuters/Jefferies CRB Commodities index since 2011, its not been a fun ride as the index is down 25% over the past couple of years and has made a series of lower highs. On the opposite side over the past 18 months,  the CRB has created a series of lows, creating a descending triangle pattern in the chart above, that is about to end.

Should the CRB break resistance, it has the potential to run to the upside for a while which would surprise many professional managers because exposure to this asset class is at historical lows!

Members have been taking advantage of low commodity prices of late, picking up Natural Gas & Gasoline at much lower prices recently.

Metals members are attempting to take advantage of good looking patterns in metals complex.

Will Commodities break out of their doldrums over the past few years? Upside potential is there if a breakout takes place!

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