Why do I share quiz’s?  I share a quiz when an opportunity seems to be at hand, and very few investors are in favor of it, sentiment is at an extreme. I share these with members first, so they can see it and know what it is, to action can be taken, then I share some of them on the blog.

The above quiz was shared with premium & metals members on 1/9, then I put it on the blog. The two charts above is the Gold/Silver index (XAU) on the left and Gold Bugs index (HUI) on the right. Both of these are monthly charts and were on long-term support at the time, with very few investors bullish the mining stocks.

Since the quiz was shared, the mining ETF (GDX) is up almost 10% in 11 calendar days. As I have done for years, when an out of favor Power of the Pattern opportunity seems to be at hand, I will share it with you and you can email me to get the answers. This has been a popular exercise for years. Hope you not only enjoy them, I hope you profit from them too.

If you would like to see the quiz’s before posting on the blog, I would be very honored to have you as a member! 

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