At the beginning of the year, I shared the table below with Premium Members, reflecting what assets had done the worst over the past 3-years. If you believe in the ole idea of making good money by buying low and selling higher, this type of analysis might be of interest. Notice which asset has the lowest three year average below?

It was Coffee! What happened soon after I shared this table with Premium Members? Coffee almost doubles in a couple of months! 


Several of these bottom dwellers over the past three years have had a decent year so far in 2014, even ole UNG/Natural Gas ETF (top bottom dweller above)  is up almost 19% YTD!

The top 2-pack highlights the CRB index and a leading commodity ETF (DBC). The CRB index started moving higher soon after I shared the above chart with members and hit resistance the week of April the 25th. Since then it has declined around 4%.  DBC has rallied this year taking it up to a couple of resistance lines in the right chart above.

If you’ve been to the grocery store of late or pay for health insurance, you are well aware of rising prices in these key areas of our lives. This is just a couple of areas of our lives that prices are moving higher. 

The CRB Index and DBC have created lower highs over the past few years. Are inflation related assets about to “Peak out or Break Out?”  What happens with these two in the next few months could tell us a ton about pricing pressures in many parts of our lives and portfolio construction!

Will prices move closer to the definitions of inflation or deflation going forward???

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