What are you “Thankful For?


This is a great time of year to count our blessings and become more aware of things we should be Thankful For.  I am Thankful for many things, too many to list and bore you with right now. I do want to share a big Thank You for your viewership of  this blog. For those viewers that are members, Thanks again!!!

When it comes to Thank You’s and Theory, why did the Dow Theory come to my mind? What does Dow Theory and Thankfulness have in common???

‘ ‘DOW THEORY’ - A theory which says the market is in an upward trend if one of its averages (industrial or transportation) advances above a previous important high, it is accompanied or followed by a similar advance in the other.

Each of the Dow Index’s above are breaking above some form of resistance, which is something the bull’s should be Thankful for!

I wish each of you a healthy and Happy Thanksgiving and Holiday season.  Chris

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