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Doc Copper has been under the weather the past few years. After hitting the $4.50 level back in 2011, it has proceeded to lose around 40% of its value over the past four years.

The Power of the Pattern finds three situations very interesting right now-

First… the large multi-year decline now has Doc Copper testing a 12-year support channel.

Secondly…. Copper now finds itself at the 50% Fibonacci support level, based up the 1999 low/2011 highs

Third…Copper bulls are not easy to find, only 24% at this time, see below  (Sentiment Trader) 

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The rising channel (top chart) is formed off the lows in 2002 and 2009. As you can see above, sentiment is very near where it was at those key lows.

I shared the chart below on Friday the 13th, (Free Trade Day) which reflected that Freeport McMoran (FCX) looked very appealing from a Power of the Pattern perspective (see post here)  FCX was hitting a cluster of support and might have been making a bullish inverse head & shoulders pattern at (1) below.

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Two weeks ago, at the time of the post, FCX was trading at $19.47.  As of last night’s close, FCX has broken above falling channel resistance and has rallied a little over 10%. Looking OK so far, from a Power of the Pattern perspective.

Full Disclosure- Premium Members are Long FCX, with a purchase price of $19.01.

Should Doc Copper hold at support start pushing higher, could it be sending a message that economic conditions are improving? It is to soon to make that call at this time. Humbly, I do feel Copper would send a concerning global message should it breakdown below these support points!

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