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Some times stocks and bonds head in different directions. So far this year, stocks are flat and bonds are down hard. The table below reflects that TLT just experienced the 3rd worst 16-week performance in the history of TLT.

The chart above looks at the yield on the 10-year note and popular bond ETF TLT on a weekly basis. Both the yield on the 10-year note and TLT could have made weekly reversal patterns at long-term Fibonacci resistance/support levels at (1) above.

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Could these reversal patterns at key levels suggest a reversal in trend for bonds/yields?

If bonds would happen to reverse trend, could it have something to do with a move in stocks?

Could the S&P 500 and the  DAX be repeating patterns from 2000 & 2007?

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With the Nasdaq Comp back at 2000 highs and the S&P 500 and DAX at potential “Twin Peaks,” what bonds and stocks do in the next few weeks could be pretty important from a big picture perspective.


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