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One rate hike or two? So much of the talk of late is about interest rates moving higher. The talking heads in the media seem convinced that rates are moving much higher. They aren’t talking about one hike, they are talking about two. Maybe the Fed will, who knows…

What are billions of free thinking people doing with interest rates of late?

The chart above looks at TLT. A little over a month ago TLT hit support, with momentum low and investors bullish bonds were hitting levels only seen a few times in the past 10 years.

Joe Friday just the facts…At this time TLT is attempting to breakout above falling resistance, as momentum is the third lowest in the past 5-years with just 38% of investors bullish bonds. Around a year ago, investors bullish bonds were near 70% and they were on the wrong side of the trade.

Full Disclosure….Premium and Sector Members are long TLT with stop just below resistance levels.



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