Opportunities are knocking at our door friends! I’ve been sharing the Power of the Pattern with customers for the past 20-years. In my humble opinion, some really nice opportunities (based on price, momentum and sentiment) are forming for investors around the world. Below is two of the dozens of rare patterns I am seeing, that I wanted to share with you today.

What would you do with this opportunity?

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As shared above, this asset has fallen around 35% of late. The decline has taken it down to its 4-year rising channel support line, which also happens to be its 423% Fibonacci extension level, momentum is oversold and volume has went sky high of late on the decline.

What would you do with this rare set up and opportunity?

Below is another asset that is hitting a support line, that is much longer in length (11-years longer)



What would you do with these conditions? This asset has struggled for the past few years. The decline has taken it down to the bottom of its 14-year rising channel, where support is in play. The large decline has pushed monthly momentum down to levels only seen twice in the past 25-years.

What would you do with this opportunity?

Next Wednesday (Oct the 7th) I am honored to be conducting a webinar with my good friend Ryan Detrick, where we will discuss these two opportunities and many, many more. Ryan and I will be discussing how the Power of the Pattern can be combined with the Power of the Stats, to improve your overall investment results.



Ryan and I would be honored if you could join us for the FREE Webinar 5 days from now.

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Ryan and I really looking forward to sharing some fun and exciting opportunities with you next week, hope you can join us.



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