big bull pic dec

The “Big Bull Trend” is near a key test of rising support! Below looks at the S&P 500 and the DAX Index (Germany) over the past 4-years.

spx dax near rising support dec 14


The Power of the Pattern reflects that the S&P 500 and DAX both remain inside of uniform rising channels. Despite weakness over the past few months, the trend remains up for both of these, with a key test very near.

The FED rate announcement is to take place this week, near the traditional December seasonal low.

The type of price action that takes place this week, near rising support, could determine a good deal of where stocks will be at the end of of this year and the first 6-months next year.

It has paid to buy on support for the past few years, will it be different this time? Can Santa influence the markets at rising support this week?

Stay tuned friend, what takes place at this support channel has the potential to be a big deal for this Big Bull trend!!!



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