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When it comes to Central Bankers around the world, two things come to mind.

(1) – They are attempting to inflate things, via printing money in countries all over the world.

(2)- Inflation is sure NOT taking place in these assets below!

cccc breaking support update dec 11


Crude Oil, which may be the most important commodity on the planet, is now testing rising support of a channel that has been in play for the past 25-years.  Humbly, if support would give way, it would send a contraction message to the world, which could in turn impact the stock markets.

As you can see, Coffee, Copper and Cattle are all testing rising channel support, with Copper and Cattle slipping below 15-year support lines.


Joe Friday, just the facts... Below looks at the S&P 500/CRB (Commodity Index) Ratio. This ratio could be forming an “Eiffel Tower” pattern!

spxcrbratioeiffeltower dec 11


The ratio has almost went vertical the past 4-years, reflecting that the S&P 500 has done much better than commodities, to a degree that we haven’t seen in history!

We believe that if investors experience the “left side of an Eiffel Tower pattern, they frequently experience the right side too!” 

Important times friends, this could turn into a really big deal, with HUGE OPPORTUNITIES to follow!!!

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