crude oil pic

Crude Oil tends to be a very important asset, around the world. Is it the most influential/important commodity on the planet? Some think some and I am in that camp. During our Premium Members Only webinar this week, we focused on the importance of where Crude Oil is and that it could be creating a bullish inverse head & shoulders pattern.

crude could be creating bullish wick at fib 38 level aug 4


The week is NOT in the books as of yet. So far though this week, Crude Oil could be creating a large bullish reversal pattern (bullish wick) at an important retracement level at (1) above.

We also discussed in the webinar, several other energy related ETF’s that could be creating the same pattern.

If you would like to stay abreast of patterns in Crude Oil/Energy ETF’s and these potential head & shoulders patterns, we would be honored if you were a Premium Member.


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