Do you know what was one of the best things to do on the 4th of July this year, in the financial markets? If you owned government bonds, it was a great time to sell them. If you were open to it, it was an even better time to short bonds.

The chart below looks at TLT over the past 15-years and applies a 16-week performance table to the chart-



Over the past 16-weeks, TLT has declined nearly 14% at (1), this decline gave back some really sweet gains TLT had made the first half of the year. TLT does still remain inside of 13-year rising channel (2), despite the large decline over the past few months.

Joe Friday Just The Facts; If support breaks at (3), TLT could fall another 15%, before it hits rising support channel (2).

Premium Members shorted in July, when nearly 80% of bond traders were bullish bonds. The sharp decline over the past few months has driven bond bullish sentiment down near the 10% level. Long bond holders really want to see support hold at (3) or selling pressure could really ramp up.

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