This 9-pack reflects assets from around the world that have similar looking patterns. The Power of the Pattern believes these present rare and terrific opportunities, as long-term channels are in play.

We are of the opinion that new bullish opportunities could be in play as trend break outs/break downs could take place in many of these assets.

 We are a not a bullish or bearish shop….but we are bullish on opportunities, regardless of market direction, and we believe charts in this 9-pack could present some big ones. 
If you would like to know what bullish opportunities could be in play in the 9-pack above and how one can play them, send us an email to [email protected] and ask for our 9-pack ideas. We will share games plans with you and what these assets happen to be.
 Next Wednesday we are conducting a a private briefing exclusively for our blog subscribers. We will discuss the 9-pack above and numerous opportunities in stocks, Metals and Crude Oil  Markets. Click HERE to register for the webinar.



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