Over the past couple of decades, the Swiss Franc and metals have experienced major trend changes at the same time.

The Franc and Gold/Silver both bottomed at the same time in 2001, where each started a 10-year rally. The Franc and Gold/Silver both topped at the same time in 2011, where each started 7-year declines.

.The Power of the Pattern shared that Gold should be flat to down for years to come, a week before the top in 2011. What was taking place that suggested meals could struggle for years to come? The Swiss Franc was creating a major reversal pattern at the top of its long-term rising channel.

The trend in the Franc currently remains lower and the decline has it testing 15-year rising support at each (1). Gold and Silver bugs would “Love” to see the Franc breakout at each (2). If it does, the Franc would send a bullish short-term signal to the metals sector.

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