The past couple of months has delivered a lot of bad news for investors. Several key ingredients to a healthy bull market have fallen sharply, including stocks, Doc Copper, and Crude Oil.

In fact, all 3 have entered bear market territory in 2020. For the year, the S&P 500 Index is down 25.4%, Copper is down 21.3%, and Crude Oil is down 58.7%. Yikes!

Relief in sight? Perhaps. In today’s 3-pack, Joe Friday looks at these assets and says, “Quality rallies could start at these support levels.”

The S&P 500, Doc Copper, and Crude Oil are all testing important support at each (1). If all three hold at support, one should expect to see some nice gains take place. Stay tuned!

Just The Facts Ma’am; A strong bearish message to the world will be sent if these three fail to rally and break support at each (1)!!!

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