The 10-year treasury bond yield is very closely watched by banks, consumers, and active investors. It is used as a measuring stick for interest rates on loans, bond auctions, etc.

When the 10-year treasury bond yield goes higher, so do interest rates on mortgages, personal loans, and car loans. And the government pays higher interest on some of its treasury-bill auctions.

Today we look at a “monthly” chart of the 10-year treasury bond yield and highlight a key price resistance level that may dictate the next move for interest rates.

As you can see, the 10-year bond yield bounced off the 23.6 Fibonacci level at (1) and is testing a key resistance level – its prior highs – at (2).

Should the 10-year bond yield breakout at (2), look for it to rally to the 4.9% level.

Time to worry again about rising interest rates? Stay tuned!

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