The Power of the Pattern (POP) has been valuable to investors over the past few years, especially when it comes to the metals complex. See below for just a few examples of how the POP helped investors in Gold alone!

Gold should rally $250…When Gold was trading at $1,640, the POP suggested that Gold had more to go with a peak due at the $1,900 level (see post here).

Why harvest/hedge Gold at $1,900….its hitting 30-year Fib, 10-channel resistance and became largest ETF on the planet. (see post here)

This indicator is suggesting Gold could be flat to down  for years... (see post here)

Gold could fall to $1,300 per ounce, buying opportunity is near…Joe Friday suggested two months ago with Gold above $1,600 per ounce that a buying opportunity could come around the $1,300 level (see post here)

I am humbled by the hundreds and hundreds of requests we have had for our thoughts on the patterns the metals complex is forming at this time.  We have received an overwhelming number or requests to create a research report soley focused on the metals arena.  We listened to you and and created what people from all over the world have ask for!


What will I receive as a Metals research report member?   As a member you will receive each week, the Power of the Pattern analysis on Gold, Silver, Copper and the Miners.  The research is designed to assist Long-term, intermediate and short-term investors in each of the above mentioned metals.

The Gold 4-pack at the top of this post is an example of what you as a member will receive each week… covering long-term, intermediate and short-term analysis.   The same type of 4-pack will be sent weekly for Silver, Copper and the Miners.

What will it cost to receive this info on a weekly basis?  The cost for the Metals research report will be just $29 per month or $278 Annually. (20% Discount over monthly) 

We offer 50% discounts to members who buy two or more of our reports.  Example…If you combine the metals research with our Global Dashboards or Sector/Commodity sentiment extremes, the second report is discounted by 50%!


Click here for MONTHLY plan

Click here for ANNUAL plan


If you would like the take advantage of the 50% combo discount, email us at [email protected] or click on the box below and we will send you details and links for our discounted combo packages! 

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If you are already an Sector/Commodity Sentiment Extreme or Global Dashboards member, you will be eligible to receive the new metals research report at the 50% discount level.  If you are a Premium Member, this report will be Free to you!

I deeply appreciate your viewership to this blog, it very much humbles me.  The Patterns in the metals complex reflect in my humble opinion, we are at very important times. If you are looking for assistance in making metals decisions for the Long-term, intermediate and short-term time frames, I would be honored to have you as a member.  Publication starts next week, sign up now if you are interested.

Thank you ….Chris

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