Ever heard of the idea of buy low & sell higher? Believe in it? If not quit reading now!

If you do believe in the idea of buy low & sell higher or believe in buying assets that are out of favor, the above chart might be of interest to you! I shared the inset chart with premium members last week, reflecting what assets have performed the worst over the past 3 years. As one can see, the vast majority of them are from the commodities complex.

I find this interesting that the CRB Index has created a multi-year pennant pattern, which suggest a HUGE MOVE is about to happen, because support or resistance is about to break and investors will follow what ever takes place.

Bottom line take from this post….If the CRB breaks to the upside, these 3-year Dogs have a chance to perform well! If patterns on these Dog might be of interest to you, my Sector/Commodity Sentiment Extremes research report might be just the tool you need to take advantage of the Power of the Pattern on these Dogs! 

You can get patterns on these Dogs for $29 per month or I will pass along a 20% discount should you chose the annual membership, which is just $278 per year! If a 45% discount might be of interest to you, check out this! 

How The Recent Decline In Stocks Looks "Eerily" Like Major Bear Markets Of The Past