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Each week we share our favorite Patterns in the 9-key sectors of the S&P 500. We look at them from two different angles;  what sectors are breaking out, and what sectors are out of favor and creating a pattern where a reversal could take place.

The above table is sent each week to Sector Extreme members, sharing these breakouts and out of favor patterns. Last week the Power of the Pattern shared that Discretionary and Health Care had the best looking breakout patterns. Also that Utilities was the favored sector from a hard hit, turn around aspect.

The decisions are based upon the 9-pack below, which is sent out to members weekly.

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The Power of the Pattern looks at each of these sectors for trends, breakouts and reversals. The green check markets highlighted our favorite trend/breakout plays and the red heart highlights any sector that has been hit hard and appears to be ready for a rally. Our goal here is to be on board trends and sectors with strength that can be owned for a while, this service is NOT designed for day traders.


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