Below looks at the Gold Futures/Silver Futures ratio over the past decade. The ratio bottomed in 2011 and started moving higher, sending a bearish message to both Gold & Silver. The ratio has rallied since the 2011 lows, where it could be creating a “topping pattern” over the past couple of years.


The long-term trend in the ratio remains up since 2011, which is hard on metals. Over the past couple of years, the ratio could be forming a head & shoulders topping pattern, with the head taking place at the highs back in 2008. The short-term rally of late, could have completed the right shoulder, of this pattern at (2).

If this would happen to be a topping pattern, what it does at (3) becomes very important for both Gold & Silver bulls. Metals bulls want to see this ratio break support at (3) and head lower. If the ratio would break support, historically Gold, Silver and Miners would attract buyers.

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