Gold Miners ETF (GDXJ) has declined nearly over 60% in the past 8-years. Is the bear market in GDX about to end? Let’s investigate why GDXJ is testing one of the most important price zones in years!

GDX has created a series of higher lows along line (1) over the past few years. It has created a series of lower highs along line (2) over the past 8-years.

Last year GDXJ broke above line (2) for a few months at (3). Weakness after the breakout has GDXJ testing line (1) and (2) as support at (4) this week.

Joe Friday Just The Facts Ma’am- GDXJ is facing one of the most important support tests in years at (4). This could become a rallying point for GDXJ! 

Aggressive miners traders will find this to be a rare place that they can establish a long position with a tight stop just below the dual support test at (4).

Joe Friday additional thoughts; should GDXJ break below support at (4), look for it to trade much lower! This is a very important price zone for miners!!!

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